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San Antonio

With a metro population of over 2.5 million people, San Antonio has become the 7th largest city in the united states.

San Antonio has seen some of the largest and most devastating hail in recent years. San Antonians have learned to be resilient, but with large storms and extreme weather becoming more common, knowing who to call when you have a covered loss is essential to homeowners and property investors. Working around catastrophes has become common, but properly documenting and calculating a covered loss could make the difference between receiving all you are entitled to or coming up short for required repairs.

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Life’s already overwhelming. This is not the time to start
reading your policy and learning loss evaluation and claims processing.

Claim Management

Allow ICM Public Adjusting to manage your claim. We will save you time, reduce your stress, and make sure you get everything you are entitled to.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Standard estimating practices may not be the correct approach.

Fair Settlements

Your insurance company’s adjuster is trained to prepare estimates in the method dictated by the insurance company.

We will make sure that the specialty items, finishes, or designs are properly accounted for, ensuring a complete and fair settlement of your damage.

Don’t go at it alone, have an ICM Public Adjuster on your side!


Hurricanes account for some of the most devastating damage to property. With so many claims, carriers will send out anyone with a license. Don’t get underpaid by an inexperienced storm adjuster. Have ICM Public Adjusting on your side.



When hail hits your roof, you may not know its damaged. But, hail impacts can dramatically decrease the life expectancy of your roof and create leaks over time. Many adjusters can’t properly identify hail damage. Have ICM Public Adjusting on your side.



Windstorms can cause sporadic damage to your home. It takes a knowledgeable and thorough inspector to properly identify all the damage to your property. Have ICM Public Adjusting on your side.



Floods are becoming common in Texas. Companies put out general protocols to avoid paying all the damage. Don’t fall in the flood loss gap. Have ICM Public Adjusting on your side.



In Texas, carriers often categorize every crack in your walls and ceiling as foundation settlement. Don’t let your legitimate tornado damage be denied. Have ICM Public Adjusting on your side.


Plumbing Leak

Plumbing leaks need to be addressed fast and completely. Improper or inadequate repairs can leave moisture in your property causing long term problems. Make sure all your damages are considered. Have ICM Public Adjusting on your side.



Fire and smoke will affect everything in your property. Thorough documentation of all property damage and contents is essential. Most adjusters will leave most of the contents and cleaning out of the estimate. Don’t get underpaid. Have ICM Public Adjusting on your side.

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ICM Public Adjusting represents you, not the insurance company.

We inspect, document, estimate, and present your claim to ensure the most agreeable resolution.

Avoid the stress, call us today.