When faced with a commercial or residential property loss, many insured feel confused and overwhelmed by the insurance claims process. When a loss occurs the insurance company will send out their representative (an insurance adjuster) to evaluate the loss and determine what (if anything) the insurance company is responsible for paying out according to the insurance policy. Keep in mind, the insurance adjuster is working on behalf of their client, the insurance company. 


A Public Insurance Adjuster represents the insured, not the insurance company. They work directly with the insured to review their policy and help discover all of the damages related to an insurance claim. The public adjuster is an expert that helps properly document the claim, then presents and negotiates the claim with the insurance company in order to help the insured receive everything they are entitled to. A public adjuster manages the claims process to ensure the insured receives a fair settlement from the insurance company.


The key benefits the public adjuster brings to the insured during the claims process are the knowledge they possess and the ability to use that knowledge to negotiate a fair settlement for the insured. The public adjusters at ICM Public Adjusting have worked in every position of the carrier claims department, from adjuster to claims manager. Because of their extensive experience with the insurance carriers, they understand the decision making process and the goals of the insurance adjuster and insurance company. They are seasoned professionals that have firsthand experience with the inner workings of large and small insurance carriers. They understand the insurance companies processes, the ins and outs of all the different insurance forms, and have expertise in the different policy types.


The experts at ICM Public Adjusting have not only worked in various insurance carrier positions, they have also worked in residential and commercial new construction and repair. Because of this experience they have the knowledge to accurately diagnose property damage and evaluate the full cost of repair. 

When faced with a loss, it pays to ask – Who is negotiating the claim on my behalf?


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